Environmental Responsibility

BAC Balticare cares !

Balticare caresToday we enjoy a comfortable lifestyle because industrial progress has resulted in many technological developments. However everyday we are facing a big challenge: how can we live and make more goods and facilities available to more people without wasting natural resources and without damaging the environment?

BAC Balticare provides new technologies and services which enhance cooling efficiency, conserve natural resources, reduce energy consumption, improve the quality of the environment and ensure safe operation.

Minimum energy consumption

BAC Balticare offers the widest range of factory-assembled evaporative cooling products. Evaporative cooling directly benefits the environment by minimising the use of electrical energy for cooling purposes.
BAC Balticare’s expert knowledge of this evaporative cooling equipment ensures operating performance will be in accordance with original design specifications to minimize energy usage by the cooling system.

Minimum water usage

Evaporative cooling equipment saves over 95% of the recirculated water. Good water care and filtration systems become important to maximize the installation’s efficiency and to prevent water pollution.

Minimum noise

Thanks to its thermal performance evaporative cooling products are quieter because they need fewer or smaller fans. For very sound sensitive areas BAC Balticare engineers has software available to evaluate sound emissions for each type of BAC products. A variety of options and accessories are available to additionally reduce sound levels.

Minimum space

Because of its greater efficiency evaporative cooling equipment is more compact and occupies less space than air cooled alternatives. They can be installed inside a building.

Safe operation

BAC Balticare ensures that each cooling installation is operated safely in accordance with national and regional health and safety requirements.
BAC Balticare assists the customer in an effective biocidal control programme to avoid any risk to public health from cooling towers or evaporative condensers.

BAC Balticare cares!

Contact your local BAC Balticare representative for more information on conserving resources with evaparative cooling equipment / Balticare services or fill out the information request form and tell us how we can help you.