Technical audit

The BAC Balticare technical audit is a comprehensive, on-site inspection of your cooling equipment that will diagnose the current conditions and provide recommendations for improvementsTechnical audit

The cooling equipment system operations and procedures must be kept in top condition to insure efficient, effective and safe operations.

The BAC Balticare audit team can conduct an on-site inspection of your cooling water system. The inspection includes a complete review of the cooling system equipment including;

  • Mechanical condition of equipment for signs of inefficiency or deterioration.
  • Operation methods and procedures, including water treatment strategies.

The BAC Balticare audit team can review existing design and engineering documents as needed to evaluate current operation to original design performance. The review includes:

  • Comparison of existing temperatures and flows to design specifications
  • Verification of actual settings versus recommended settings
  • Review past data records for trend analysis

The BAC Balticare audit team can also make a detailed review of cooling equipment maintenance procedures for : 

  • The existence and condition of procedures
  • Current maintenance practices versus industry standards
  • Analysis of maintenance schedules

Following the audit, BAC Balticare provides a written report containing findings and recommendations for improvement.

You need a technical audit of your cooling equipment? Contact your BAC Balticare representative or use the information request form and tell us how we can help you.