Spain – Cooling equipment legislation

Keep equipment in good condition

Legislation in SpainIn Spain cooling towers, fluid coolers and condensers, as well as any cooling installation that sprays water, have a risk for Legionella disease, and are under the RD 865/2003. RD 865/2003 establishes the actions that the end users must take on all these installations to keep the equipment in good conditions in terms of maintenance, cleaning and hygiene. Health authorities inspectors should control that all the requirements are being updated in the Log Book and the installations are properly maintained.

Health and Safety legislation is implemented by the Spanish regions. Hence the measures to be taken to prevent Legionnaire’s disease can be more stringent or differ among regions.

The following link can help you to find more information about the Spanish Legislation with regard to legionella control:

Comply with legislation and work safe!

In accordance with RD 2177/2004 work teams need to have the required provisions to guarantee a safe working environment. They must have access to the adequate means so that there is no risk to their health and safety both while accessing the equipment as while working on it.

In particular, when there is a risk of falling from a height of more than 2 metres, the teams must have guardrails or another protection system that provides equivalent assurance.
More information can be found via the Institut Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo or directly via Royal Decree 2177/2004 (both only available in Spanish).


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