Service technicians

BAC Balticare has a team of service technicians trained in the Baltimore Aircoil factory. These certified service men are experienced in working on all the cooling tower models in the BAC range. They know how best to replace or repair components with minimum downtime and disruption to the cooling system. Whether changing fans, bearings, fill pack or heat exchange coils, BAC Balticare service technicians will do a quality job at competitive cost. They do their job “right the first time” to prevent further service, maintenance or production downtime costs.

Service man





BAC Balticare service men are also trained on a large array of water treatment equipment and cleaning and disinfection procedures. This combination of both knowledge and competence is unique on the market.

All work carried out will be accompanied with a written service report. This report records the work done and makes suggestions for future improvements, if needed. Such improvements could include other replacement parts, remedial measures or upgrades that will restore operational and safety levels.

You need one of our service technicians to assist you? Contact your BAC Balticare representative or use the information request form and tell us how we can help you.