Products and aftermarket services

Balticare products and services

BAC Balticare is a single-source partner for your cooling towers and condensers and all aftermarket services related to the cooling system.

Evaporative cooling equipment

BAC Balticare assists you in the purchase of BAC cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, hybrid coolers and evaporative condensers, all assembled in the Baltimore Aircoil factory. [read more].

Service technicians

BAC Balticare servicemen are factory trained and certified to provide you maximum confidence and quality while minimizing costly downtime. [read more].

Technical audit

The BAC Balticare technical audit is a comprehensive, on-site inspection of your cooling equipment that will diagnose the current conditions and provide recommendations for improvements [read more].

Preventive maintenance

Regular, scheduled maintenance ensures the equipment is kept in optimal condition [read more].

Refurbishment and upgrading

Refurbishment services extend the equipment life, new technologies enhance maintainability and safety [read more].

Water treatment and filtration

Automatic water treatment equipment and filtration packages that improve control of corrosion, scaling, fouling and microbiological growth in cooling systems [read more].

Cleaning and disinfection

A full cleaning and disinfection service in compliance with local legal requirements and codes of practice [read more].

Original spare parts from Baltimore Aircoil

Guaranteed BAC replacement parts are the perfect fit for perfect performance [read more].

Contact your local BAC Balticare office for more information or fill out the information request form and tell us how we can help you.