Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenanceRegular preventive maintenance assures reliable trouble-free operation and maintains the original design performance of the cooling equipment.

Balticare offers 4 types of maintenance programmes:

  • Essential care
  • Standard care
  • Advanced care
  • Advanced care+

Depending on which care-programme you choose, you will benefit from following services:

  • Mechanical services: inspection, lubrication, servicing and replacement of wearing parts.
  • Water care services: application, monitoring and maintenance of the water treatment equipment
  • Hygiene services: Cleaning and disinfection of the internals of the unit including the heat transfer surfaces, water distribution system and drift eliminators.
  • Predictive maintenance: Vibration measurements and unit condition monitoring to protect your cooling equipment investment.

A BAC Balticare maintenance programme is carried out by experienced BAC Balticare service technicians and includes written service visit reports. This report records the work done and makes suggestions for future improvements, if needed. Such improvements could include other replacement parts, remedial measures or upgrades that will restore operational and safety levels.

You can get access to all important system parameters, reports and documents via our Balticare's online tracking system.

Your cooling equipment needs regular maintenance? Contact your BAC Balticare representative or use the information request form and tell us how we can help you.