Knowledge base

knowledge base

BAC Balticare has built up a vast experience in cooling tower products and services. This knowledge is shared with you in this section of the Balticare website. The knowledge base stores industry information, regulations and legislation, troubleshooting information, best practices and answers to frequently asked questions.

Do you want to find out more about Legislation compliance of your cooling equipment?

Then BAC Balticare can help you. Health and safety regulations require in some countries specific control and maintenance of the cooling equipment and the water that is circulated within it. BAC Balticare assists you in applying the appropriate water treatment and Legionella risk control programmes, all in full compliance with national regulations and legislation, without neglecting the optimal performance of your cooling tower. [read more]

Frequently asked questions

BAC Balticare’s FAQ answers to a handful of the most common questions people have about cooling tower services. [read more]