France – Cooling equipment legislation

Legislation in FranceIn France evaporative cooling equipment as well as any cooling installation that has water circulated in an air stream, are classified as an installation under the "Rubrique 2921".

The legislation is meant for any facility having a function of cooling - even only partially - through an evaporative process, where water is dispersed into an air stream. Following the updated Rubrique 2921 in December 2013 this legislation now also applies to adiabatic units

Installations with maximum thermal power equal to or above 3.000 kW are submitted to the Registration system. Installations with maximum thermal power below 3.000 kW are sumitted to the Declaration system.

The application directive enforces a number of technical and administrative actions to be implemented in order to maintain the installations in good condition and to control the development of legionella. Legislation compliance is controlled by the regional authority’s inspectors (DRIRE). Correct application of the directive is important in terms of owner’s responsibility. 

The ministry website is the recommended resource for complete and official information on legionella control in cooling installations.

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