BAC introduces SpartiumCooler

As part of the TrillliumSeries, the SpartiumCooler keeps all its advantages and guarantees excellent thermal performances. When dSpartiumCoolerry cooling becomes inefficient, pre-cooler pads are wetted with water. Before the air is drawn through the high density finned coil, it passes through the pads, water is evaporated in the air and the air is humidified and cooled down and increases the dry cooling capacity of the cooler.

The SpartiumCooler offers a very high level of operational safety. There is no aerosol generation and water carry over when the adiabatic pre-cooler sections are in operation. Since there is no water recirculation in the unit any bacteria present in the water or introduced by the air will not have the time to grow, but instead will be drained. The water temperature in the pads will remain much lower than would be the case in a recirculating system, which again is unfavorable for the growth of bacteria. The collection gutter is sloping to ensure that no water remains in the collection basin when the unit is operating in dry mode. Because the water is drained immediately after usage, no water treatment is required.

Operational safety is offered for a minimum of maintenance. No maintenance is required in the plenum of the unit which guarantees a clean, hygienic and safe adiabatic cooling process.

The unit ships fully assembled which highly reduces installation costs on site.

SpartiumCoolers use low energy axial fans with low sound emissions.

The coolers are equipped standard with electrical panel with VFD, supporting all common communication protocols.

For the SpartiumCooler capacities from 340 up to 1460 kW are available for a single cell.

Contact your local BAC Balticare representative if you have more questions about the SpartiumCooler or fill out the information request form and tell us how we can help you.