BAC introduces Helios Series

PTE open cooling towerThe Helios Series product line extends BAC’s portfolio with counterflow axial fan open and closed cooling towers and evaporative condensers.
The Helios Series products use energy efficient axial fans with low sound emission and incorporate superior features in terms of ease of maintenance and hygiene. They can be arranged in multi cells for large capacity requirements. A large number of the Helios Series models are suitable for container shipment.

Low environmental impact product

Helios Series products have low energy consumption by using evaporative cooling technology and energy efficient axial fans. For extremely sound sensitive applications, where typically centrifugal fans are used, Whisper Quiet fans with or without sound attenuators and water silencers are available. The open and closed cooling towers can be equipped with finned coils which are installed above the drift eliminators with the aim to reduce or eliminate visible plume and water consumption.

Superior maintenance and hygiene features

The Helios Series products have a long list of easy access features (standard or in option) in order to inspect the equipment and simplify maintenance actions:

  • Easy side removal of the motor with motor removal davit.
  • Externally accessible motor adjustors have built-in locking wrench for easy motor alignment and belt tensioning.
  • Inward sliding access door in fan section.
  • External platforms and ladders.
  • Combined air inlet shields are easily removable without tools.
  • Removable side panel for easy access and inspection of the fill for open cooling towers

Good maintenance, make-up and recirculating water quality are important for the operational safety of evaporative cooling equipment. The Helios product line has various features standard or in option available to control the hygiene and cleanability of the equipment such as:

  • The cold water basin is sloped towards the drain.
  • The suction strainer anti-vortex hood is removable.
  • The combined inlet shields protect the basin water from direct sunlight and the intrusion of foreign matter.
  • High efficiency drift eliminators minimize drift loss in the discharge air stream.
  • The water distribution system employs the BranchLokTM system, which allows removal of each branch for ease of cleaning.
  • Sump sweeper piping minimizing sediments in the cold water basin is available for use with side stream filtration.
  • A clean out port can be installed in the cold water basin.
  • Removable fill bundle blocks for open cooling towers

Various materials of construction are available to meet the corrosion resistance requirement of each site.

The Helios Series open cooling tower line offers (108) models with a single cell capacity range from 6 to120 l/s.  (105) models are available for closed circuit cooling towers with a single cell capacity range from 2 to150 l/s. (105) condenser models are available, with single cell capacities from 400 up to 2700 kW.

Are you interested in the Helios Series Products? Contact your BAC Balticare representative or use the information request form and tell us how we can help you.